CCTV in the 21st Century

CCTV has entered the digital age!
Many people are familiar with the "traditional" CCTV system with expensive cabling, VCR like recorders, limited access and fuzzy images.

Waimak Surveillance can install modern digital cameras and DVRs with sharp clear images, inexpensive and simple cabling and integration to your computer network. 

You can monitor your home or workplace while on the move with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) apps with instant playback.


Of course we havent forgotten the old ways and can service, extend and supply new analogue CCTV equipment.  

We can even integrate your existing analogue CCTV into a modern digital system so you can move forwards without losing the value of your investment to date.

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What we do

The very first thing we do is to meet with you at your premises so we can develop a good understanding of your needs.  We will then develop a design for your CCTV installation choosing the most appropriate system and cemeras for your site.  We will choose from a range of different cameras to provide the level of cover you need.

Once we have an agreed plan, budget and layout, we will then schedule a convenient time with you to install the system.  

If you are building from new then it is best to get us involved as early as possible, we can work with your builder to ensure all our cabling is securely placed and neatly out of sight.



New supermarket, Oxford

We recently installed a state of the art CCTV system for this new build.. More...

Council / Police

We were commissioned by Waimak District Council to provide CCTV Surveillance for parts of Oxford. More...


A Residential digital IP Camera based system using small discreet cameras with full night vision and remote access  More...

Analogue upgrade

We have upgraded, extended and enhanced a CCTV system for a sports shop.  In this upgrade we supplied a new DVR and new analogue cameras to build on the clients existing infrastructure, thereby keeping upgrade costs to a minimum.